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Aristeia, comprises of a scintillating amalgamation of jewelry pieces that are bridging gaps between civilizations from her personal worldliness as an avid globetrotter. 

Aristeia, a Greek word that translates to excellence and perfection, is what this collection embodies as Pheres creates one-of-a-kind jewelry gems for the higher-end market. Eagerness to keep an evident balance of vintage and contemporary design characteristics, Pheres designs keeping in mind elements of the past, present and future to make each piece apprise a story of its own. 

Drawing inspiration particularly from Kyoto, Pheres brings to the eyes, pieces that take us through a traversing journey of Japanese culture.

With Japan being the paramount focus of the collection, elements of design from other cultures are intricately tied in together. With an appreciation for 3-dimensional finesse, the collection encompasses a sense of textures to embody a tactile sense of Kyoto.