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“Welcome to my world of Pheres: The place where fashion, design, art and lifestyle meet. I am so excited for you all to see..... Worldwide!!! 

This will be the place where I will share my influences and inspiration, from discovering the next up and coming artists, looking back into art history, to writing about the best places the world has to offer!!

I wanted to make the brand available to a wider audience, and make Pheres products an essential to your everyday wardrobe, be it a tie, a pocket square a casual jacket or your everyday suit, therefore I felt the best direction to take was to create an online store.

Not only are we offering our traditional Made In Italy collections, Pheressentials is introducing a ready to wear line for both men and women and an exclusive diamond jewelry collection designed in a joint collaboration with Japanese and Indian artists.

I cant wait to share our latest brand collaborations with other designers, artists and brands that share similar concepts and values to us.

So..... go explore the latest summer collection and shop Pheressentials from wherever you are in this beautiful world and we’ll send it to you free of

delivery charge.” 

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