From personalised suits to full season wardrobe PHERES bespoke service provides clothes and accessories where every item is fitted, cut and sewn from a collection of high end Italian and British fabrics, carefully selected to please the most sophisticated gentleman.

Quality is the essence of true luxury. PHERES bespoke comes in the best cashmere, wool, silk and Egyptian cotton.


The PHERES jewelry collection consists of exquisite designs using only the highest quality gems of top colour and clarity. Our specialty is to produce classic designs using extremely rare and coloured diamonds.  

Narcisa pheres is an established certified GIA designer. In order to give a wider choice of designs to our customers Narcisa Pheres offers a bespoke jewelery service in which she collaborates with the clients to produce an exclusive and rare  item. Once the item has been designed, the pieces are entirely handmade by our goldsmiths in Japan, Hong Kong and Itay.

To make an appointment for bespoke services or to participate in our next viewings , trunk shows or showroom events please contact us at:

+852 3182 7554
+852 9211 7727

Pheres Studio Hong Kong
4-5 Wo On Lane
The Wol , unit 3A, Central
Hong Kong