The Brand

PHERES speaks to those who know that refinement, perfection and taste cannot be rushed, nor by their very nature be mass produced.

PHERES brings luxury back to its roots by creating very exclusive products of extremely high quality that the niche market of connoisseurs truly appreciates. In the belief that true opulence is in the detail, the greatest of consideration and care is paid to even the smallest of steps in the design and creation process.

Each piece is entirely hand made using traditional craftsmanship and bespoke tailoring techniques.

PHERES artisans have a strong connection with both Italian and English bespoke heritage boasting generations of experience.

This knowledge allows -PHERES to depict in its line and cut a true sartorial style.


Narcisa is the Creative Director and CEO of Italian fashion house PHERES;

Narcisa studied fashion design at Instituto di Moda Burgo in Milan and Fashion marketing at Central St Martins, London. She also got her GIA Jewellery design Certification at Carlsbad, USA.

In 2006, Narcisa Pheres launched her first signature collection in Milan , Venice and Tokyo . The collection consisted of luxury products -“su misura” suits, luxury shirts, exotic leather shoes and bags.

Then she launched an exclusive collection of Art Cufflinks in collaboration with famous Murano Glass Artist Massimiliano Schiavon. – Aventurina collection. Each pair of cuff links is unique, and it is usually reserved by customers one year in advance.

In 2013, Narcisa Pheres was awarded by Forbes Romania as “The most influential woman in business outside the country “for “creating a global luxury brand “.

Since then she had various talk shows and interviews on building up a successful business, how to create a global luxury brand, investments in diamonds and art with Money Channel, Forbes and other publications.

In 2013, Pheres has been chosen as “Brand to watch “by UK Menswear Buyers magazine .

Narcisa travels constantly between Milan, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Paris during trunk shows and bespoke events for the brand, meeting the press and celebrity customers.

Narcisa takes pride in advising on personal style and creating one of a kind designs for many international celebrities, royal families, TV stars, politicians, CEOs etc.